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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Understanding the Sales Force: Not Enough Hirable Sales Candidates

Monday, June 19, 2006


“The purpose of a phone call is to set an appointment.”

This is a huge trap. Salespeople are taught very early on that sales is a numbers game, just throw enough mud on the wall and “Hope” that something stick’s.
Then you wonder why so many companies are struggling.

Here are a couple of foreign concepts that will transform your sales team.

#1. Not everybody deserves an appointment.

#2. Not everybody deserves a proposal, quote, or your bid.

#3. Not everybody is a potential customer.

Let me ask you this….”If you weren’t going to make a sale when would you like to find out??” Funny, I’ve never had anybody answer that question any other way other than “Right Now!!

So here’s REALITY #4:

“The purpose of a phone call is to qualify or disqualify that person as a potential prospect.”

Once you have separated the suspect’s from the prospects, THEN, you can engage in the numbers game. Not everybody can be your customer. Here’s the question you should always have in the back of your mind.

“What is the compelling reason(s) that a prospect needs your product or service?”

In other words……..”What is it costing that prospect not to have YOU in their life?”

If you don’t get the right answer to those questions, why would you want to go meet with them??? You could use that time to find a prospect that will do business with you.

Happy Hunting;

Julie Cassens

Friday, June 09, 2006

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Friday, June 02, 2006

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Sales Training: SALES MYTH #3: “ SALES IS AN EASY GIG”

I find that people either find themselves in sales because somebody told them they had the personality to convince people…..OR…..they became a salesperson by default, somebody said you’re the business development person.
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Message from Julie:

There is little argument that prospecting is one of the disciplines that sales people must master. Perhaps the most important discipline. Why then, is it the one that is the least understood and most often neglected? The most likely reason is that prospecting takes place at the beginning of the selling cycle with the rewards from the time and effort invested laying down the road at the end of the cycle.

Many times, your prospecting efforts result in little or no gain at all. You must walk through many doors to find one person with enough curiosity, let alone sincere interest, to talk to you. You disqualify several suspects before finding one real prospect that eventually becomes your customer or client.

You can view prospecting from one of two perspectives: An activity filled with frustration and disappointment, or a journey where every unproductive step gets you closer to your ultimate goal. The choice is yours. Love it or hate it…..just do it!

Sales tip:

“Never do anything without knowing what’s going to happen next!”